symposium 11 - Crack Paths 2024

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Fretting fatigue cracks: experimental and modelling techniques
Jesús Vázquez, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Carlos Navarro, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Jaime Domínguez, Jesús Vázquez, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Keywords: fretting fatigue cracks, multiaxial fatigue, non-proportional loading, experimental techniques, numerical models
Fretting fatigue is a special type of material damage produced in mechanical contacts. The phenomenon takes place in mechanical joints that are subjected to time variable forces/displacements. In such a situation, small relative movements between the contacting surfaces arise, that in junction with the friction, lead to the formation of small surface cracks. Under certain loading situations, these surface cracks can growth until the complete fracture of the component, and thus leading to a possible catastrophic failure.
Fretting is present in many practical cases like in press-fitted, riveted and bolted joints, structural and overhead metallic cables and blade-disk connections in gas turbines, among others.
The aim of this symposium is to meet colleagues around the world that are interested in the use of different techniques –experimental or analytical/numerical- to clearly understand the path followed by fretting cracks, especially at its initial stages, where the complex contact stress/strain field interacts soundly on the crack growth behaviour.  

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