symposium 13 - Crack Paths 2024

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Crack path analysis and prediction in materials and structures
Valery Shlyannikov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Roberto Citarella,  University of Salerno,  Italy
crack path prediction, continuum damage mechanics, multiaxial state
The Thematic Symposium topic and scope:
- analytical and computational approaches of crack path modeling and prediction for the inclined through thickness cracks and the part-through 3D-surface flaw under multiaxial and mixed mode monotonic and cyclic loading conditions;
- formulation of the critical distance and fracture process zone concepts by employing  the continuum damage mechanics  stress and ductility based models for classical brittle and plastic materials as well as new solids with strain gradient plasticity and creep+fatigue damage properties;
- development and experimental background of the crack growth rate and life-time prediction models based on crack deviation criteria and nonlinear stress, strain and energy fracture resistance parameters;
- numerical simulation of crack propagation by employing  MBLF, X-FEM, FEM, BEM or with coupled FEM-BEM possibilities applying to real structures under multiaxial stress-strain state;
- fractographic and digital image correlation analysis of in-service operation failure cases for industrial structures.

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