symposium 9 - Crack Paths 2024

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Fatigue crack growth and orientation criteria: considerations about crack front direction, shape and plastic phenomena

Miguel Muñiz Calvente, University of Oviedo, Spain
Íñigo Llavori, Mondragon University, Spain
Mikel Escalero, Ik4-Ikerlan Coop., Spain
Eugenio Giner Maravilla, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Diego Infante-García, University Carlos III of Madrid
Keywords: crack growth criteria,  orientation criteria, crack front shape, plastic phenomena, constraint
From a damage tolerance perspective, the prediction of fatigue crack growth (FCG) is a salient tool to estimate the fatigue life and to perform engineering critical assessments of a wide variety of flawed structures. In that scenario, an accurate FCG prediction is subject to a correct determination of crack paths, i. e., crack-front shapes and crack growth direction. In addition, both crack shape and direction significantly depend on many aspects related external loading and local phenomena, such as, constraint and plasticity induced crack closure (PICC).
This symposium will cover works that propose methods and models to account for constraint and PICC phenomena at the crack front as well as criteria to ultimately estimate the crack-front shape and direction within FCG prediction. Two- and three-dimensional studies are welcome, either analytical, numerical or experimental, regarding both mode-I and mixed mode fatigue crack growth.
The final goal of the symposium is not only to provide a diverse perspective of the state of the art, but also to find future lines of collaboration among the participants and the institutions involved.

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